Thursday, March 31, 2005

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time tonight. I was somewhat skeptical going into it, but in the end it was alright. I guess any movie with undead pirates can't be all bad... something about that is just all right. Depp's performance as an effete mannered yet strangely adroit pirate captain was indeed (as it seems everyone claimed) what made the movie. Without his ability to fill the screen with abberant (sic) the film could easily have become a less inspired rendition of The Princess and the Pirate.

Now I want to go watch "Fear and Loathing"... maybe now the library will have it back in stock...

Also, in a nice addition to the stormy skies portrayed in the movie, I watched it during the first thunderstorm of the season... there were even some tornadoes or something...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Watch out world...

The US State Department, in its infinite wisdom, somehow decided, despite my innumerable ties to organizations such as the international communist conspiracy, the masons, the international zionist conspiracy, the group that saved hitler's brain and is storing it in Argentina, the KGB, the GRU, the SAS, the yakuza, the mafia, and the camp fire girls (troop 33) (among others), that I ought to be given a US passport.


(Just in case anyone from the FEC is reading this as a result of McCain-Feingold, the above is all entirely made up)
(Oh, and in case anyone from the CIA/DIA/DoD is reading this, let's talk about my professional future with your organization...)

Now if only I had some money and a place to go...

heck, I'll just take the money and then find a place to go... contact me for paypal info. ^^

Friday, March 25, 2005

Well, one disturbing advertisement deserves another.

Presenting bk's chicken promotion. (don't try this on a dial up connection) Just why would we want to see an anthropomorphized version of that which we are being told we ought to eat? In a living room lounging on the couch no less... do you think bk is going to go strictly veggie soon?
Ok, what has madison avenue come to?

I just saw a commercial for a brand of bottled water... a fellow in a bear costume walks out carrying a bottle of water and remarks about "natural stream water" and how he was just in the aforementioned stream and "you don't want to go in there". Fine. Then he says "there are salmon in there, and you know what they're doing... spawning. That's a little too natural if you ask me".

As if human sexuality wasn't enough to try and sell things, now they're resorting to animal sexuality? Meh.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Well, as I attempted to alert everyone on Thursday before blogger decided to break wind in my general direction, I was gone for the past couple days. I went with the folks to visit the grandpa -- the paternal grandpa -- up in the northlands. It was a trip full of fun observations. Well... observations... I guess you can decide whether they were fun or not.

Grandpa's A-frame still smells the same as it did the first time I visited the place when I was... what six or seven years old. I recall having such a grand time that I didn't want to leave. Grandpa gave me a stuffed... well, a stuffed animal, except that it was a stuffed vegetable. An ear of corn that had begun life as a Del-monte promotional item. I remember going to sleep with it beside me, the scent of wood-smoke, pipe smoke, moth-balls, and the woods, mixing together and reminding me of the fun I had had. Interesting that the scent could still evoke such memories almost two decades later.

This particular weekend, grandpa was dogsitting for a neighbor. The pup's name was Jake, and a more friendly animal you would never meet... then again, perhaps he wasn't really friendly but merely totally indifferent. He wasn't the run up and slobber on you kind of friendly... just restrained... thinking about it now, perhaps Jake had a bit of housecat blood in him. He had a rather strange habit... when he went outside he would find a snowbank, jam his nose down into the snow, then pushing up with his back legs, rub his head and his front legs around on the snow in circular patterns. It was like he was making snow-doggies. He seemed bashful when I whipped the camera out, so I didn't get any shots of that, but, since dog pix really bring in the hits here are two examples.

Among other animals seen was a veritable herd of deer that came through on friday afternoon. They were attracted by the corn my grandpa put out in his backyard. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera handy for their appearence, but I did catch a slightly different herd on the way back... a herd of bison.

Finally, I learned a few interesting things about my anscestors over the weekend. For instance, my great-great grandparents on my grandpa's father's side of the family were named Gustave and Bertha... both spoke German unsurprisingly. One of my great uncles could have ended up playing major leaague baseball had he been willing to leave home at age 18... on the one hand, since it was during the depression, it would have made sense for him to go, but on the other hand, it sounds as if he didn't want to leave the family alone either. Still, the notion that he was knocking them out of the park in the days before juice... well, pretty interesting I think.

Oh yes, and I must say, this trip proved beyond a doubt that temperature is just as relative as time... the temperatures there were certainly below anything we got in Nashville, but I never felt cold while I was up there... I guess my body expected it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm issuing an all points bulletin!!!

If you know of any pictures on the web depicting monkeys, chimpanzees, or other primates dressed in lab coats, or otherwise clothed or acting in a manner suggestive of scientific research, please send me the links via email or the message board as soon as possible. If you are in possession of such images on a personal computer or a local area network, please prepare to email said images to me, or upload them to a publicly accessible server.

Thank you for your timely cooperation.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Can't believe I haven't stumbled across this before, but, on the other hand, I seldom have occaision to google homestar... all i need is generally right there at the site. If you want to find out if you've found all the easter eggs, and/or figure out what jokes you may or may not be missing... check out the Homestar Wikipedia.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Three thoughts today, totally unrelated to each other:

Wow, two more engagements...

Ewww, yuck...

If I was travelling between dimensions, would I really end up living in north korea?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Heh. Well, I've got my parents watching Firefly now. At this rate, by the time I've decided on a job I'll have two Naruto fans on my hands... ^^

On an unrelated note, I may have been informed of this before, but if so I had forgotten all about it. It seems that the venerable old console game manufacturer Videlectrix has found "the web" and staked out their own little claim. Check it out.