Sunday, June 13, 2010

This evening was supposed to be a date night, and indeed it was one, albeit with an unexpected itinerary.

Michelle once again demonstrated the uncanny link our minds have when she independently proposed dining at Saigon Noodles or Sai Bai Thong -- the exact two restaurants I had been thinking of proposing to her. We chose the pho, and risked riling up Crazy One with some iced coffee. Dinner was quite good although left us glad to be stopping at our third destination when we did (see below).

Following soup, we tasted a bit of my parents' dating life by heading to Menards. In her nesting, Miche is anxious to create matching hardware for the antique dresser we got off of CL, so we looked at fixtures and finally settled on making our own from oak dowelling. Next stop (that's third) was supposed to be mini-golf (to be the first time we've gone together), but the sky was taking on a continually darker aspect, so we went straight to my parents house. The garden was doing well, I ate a radish, and we poked around the basement together for some time, finally ending up with a trove of objects to haul home with us.

Last was Woodmans. Once again I was impressed by how perfect a grocery store Woodmans is. It also remains the place to go in Madison to see people of virtually every cultural background on the planet getting food. Simply fascinating.

We watched Pale Cocoon when we got home -- quite an interesting one off. I dig this fellow's other work "Time of Eve" as well...