Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In honor of Seniorial Day yesterday, I helped my dad install a new garage door. Interesting process, taking the old one down section by section and putting the new one up section by section.

Most enjoyable was cutting up the old garage door with an electric saw for easy disposal. The old door made a nice pile on the curb.

Ended up ripping out a bit of dry wall in the garage as well. Channeling Lileks I took a picture of the label on the 30+ year old sheetrock. Seems they're still around.

Friday, May 27, 2005


(imagine flashing blue light here)

Ok, I knew the poor Limies suffered under a rather Orwellian administration, but I didn't think they were this weak tea!

Nelson Defeats the Blues Navy.

Rather than acknowledging that France and Britain actually fought each other quite alot in centuries past, they're reenacting the battle of Trafalgar (the big defeat of Napoleon's navy in 1805, that perhaps saved Britain from invasion) as having taken place between a "red fleet" and a "blue fleet".

I agree with the MP quoted: "Absolute twaddle"

And I don't even know what twaddle is!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Let's see if I post something else if it will start displaying my entry from the 25th...

Did it work?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Several weeks ago, I noted in my last entry that I had gone out on the town with some friends and friends of friends. After seeing this site I wish I had brought the digital camera with me... one of the friends of a friend (of a friend?) that was with the group had a tattoo on the back of their upper right arm, which I noticed as we were walking downtown. Initially I was wary to pronounce judgement on it, (since my chinese is rather oxidized) but after looking at it for a minute, I was certain that is said,


You'd think that anyone who's even occaisionally gotten chinese take out would have a moment of recognition on seeing those two together, but perhaps not...

Anyhow, take a look at Hanzi Smatter, a great companion site to Engrish.com.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sooo... no real updates recently because... well, basically looking for a job hasn't created that many experiences worthy of written description. Meh.

Did go out last weekend... the girl friend of the younger sister of two of my good friends from high school had a 21st birthday, and I went out and joined the revelers. Coincidently, the birthday party was on the same night as the infamous Mifflin Street Block Party (Thanks to Professor Althouse for the article link), and so unsurprisingly, the bars were packed. Thankfully we stayed in the bars and didn't venture into any house parties... blech.

The funny thing was, the gal who was having the birthday is already married, but her poor husband hasn't turned 21 yet... he was getting into the bars with his marriage liscence! I never knew they were good for that!

Anyhow, 2.50 rail drinks are so good... and so bad. :/
Much too easy to get that second gin and tonic