Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hadn't visited newgrounds since about junior year, but I was linked to a couple little flash videos that were well put together and, dare I say... cute ...

Anyhow, check them out first and second. (They are related, so watch them in order)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Let's try something new... I'm going to live-blog the NU-NIU game today:

3:11: Woohoo! We just recovered the fumble! And we're in our territory!

3:15: Our offense is looking good so far. Basanez is getting to the receivers, and Sutton seems to be able to get some good yards on the run. We're already down to the 19 yard line.

3:20: Well, we had to settle for a field goal. Certainly not a terrible thing at this point in the game, but still would have been nice to get into the end zone. The last three plays were a 2 yard run on first down, and then two incompletes, one a drop.

Sounds like a hot day down there.

3:25: Not sure I feel good about relying on the opposing receivers colliding to avoid them scoring... Anyhow, now NIU has first and goal. If they can convert in the red zone and we can't we could be in trouble.

3:28: NIU is going for it on 4th from the 1 yard line. Grrrr.... they make it, despite getting hit at the 1, he pushed in for the score.

3:35: Jeez, almost lost the kickoff :o But Sutton seems to be running well so far. Hopefully this will continue to open up the field for Basanez.

3:40: Oh come on! I go out to the kitchen to get some purple and white ice cream (raspberry and vanilla flavor) and we give up the ball??? What is that?!?!

3:45: Alright, I can live with us getting an interception! :) Penalty on offense declined, and now we're on the 24. Looks good, just hoping we can punch it in this time.

3:50: Ok, this is now getting somewhat worrisome... not only could we not punch it in from the red zone, but the field goal was blocked??? As I said, I'm getting a bit concerned.

3:55: And now our front 7 aren't even up to stopping the run? We're now down 3-14.

4:05: Alright, Sutton is looking even better now as he runs 17 yards into the endzone. The offense seemed to gel a lot better on this drive than the previous two possessions. Still, we're down by four, and the defense needs to step up again and play physical, despite how it might tire them out.

4:12: Woohoo! 82 yard punt return for the touchdown! Not only did the D step up, but special teams came through that time. We're back on top by a field goal.

4:20: Ok, the rhythm seems to be coming back. Another defensive stop, the offense is now moving it with 3:00 left in the half and Basanez just got hit late out of bounds. Oh wait! Sutton just passed 100 yard for the day! Impressive start for him.

4:22: The offense on this possession has been pretty exciting... screens, qb runs, along with decent running and passing. Oh my goodness, a fumble recovery in the endzone! The announcers said it looked like a lateral, heh. Oh wait, it's being reviewed, and Basanez may have been down at the 3 before he lost control. Either way it looks like a good spot for us.

4:25: Alright, they called him down, but Sutton just got in on the next play. 23-14 now.

4:35: We made it to halftime with a 10 point lead. :)

4:55: Alright, we've got the kickoff for the 2nd half, and I just had some nice leftover pizza. Things are looking good. Ohh, Fields just made the first down.

4:56: Oh, with that first down Basanez is now number 1 in total offense of any NU player. Neat.

5:05: Whew, we just dodged a bullet, with 2 holding calls on NIU in a row, the second one calling back a touchdown. Now they've got a third down again...
Alright, they're going for it on 4th and 1 again on the 17. Looks like they made it. That's demoralizing to our defense I think.

5:10: Cut our lead to a field goal. Thinking about later in the season, this does prompt concern about being able to stop even more powerful offenses. I'm really somewhat surprised we havent been able to delay or deny the NIU ground game to a greater extent.

5:20: Alright! The offense really clicked again this time. Sutton, Fields, Basanez, all doing their jobs well on that drive into the endzone. Once again is a 10 point game.

5:40: Held them to a field goal, and now as the 4th begins, we're driving from our 45 yard line.

5:45: Basanez just became the leading passer in NU history!

5:52: Field goal unit coming in after we got held for 3 downs on the 5 yardline... ahhh, it was a fake! and we got stopped at the 1! Come on safety!!! Come on safety!

6:08: What is that? The third 4th down conversion for NIU? That is really unacceptable, the defense has to be able to step up and make that kind of play at least half the time.

6:16: Sutton just got 2 good runs, and now another NIU penalty gave us another first at the five. Sutton just made it in!!!!!! HIS 4TH TD TODAY!!!!

6:25: 3rd and 10 with 18 seconds left.... we're up by 7. NIU is at our 30... calling him out of bounds with 11 seconds and a first down at the 19. This is too stressful. ASDF!!!! they passed for TD, we're likely going into overtime. Of course, given our inability to stop Wolfe, perhaps NIU will try and end it by going for 2. They ARE going for 2... GO D!!!! INCOMPLETE!!!!! NO FLAGS!!! We're ahead by 1 with 6 seconds left in the game!!! They're calling a timeout in prep for the kickoff. Onside kick obviously, but NU recovers. 5 seconds left, no timeouts for NIU. Assuming we can take a knee, we win!!! 2-0 start for the season!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

It's a rather serious disaster that seems to have befallen our nation's favorite port on our most famous river. Not much to add about the current relief efforts, other than perhaps linking to Mr. Reynold's growingHurricane Relief Post.

It may be premature at this point, but I would like to make a suggestion regarding the future of New Orleans. First, I'd suggest relocating any urban re-construction to someplace farther inland, and higher above sea-level. Let's not waste any time trying to clear out and rebuild the city that once stood there. Instead, I think the area formerly known as New Orleans should be designated a National Park. Our nation could really use a post-apocolyptic theme park...

I read that the hurricane unleashed the energy equivilant to a 1 megaton nuclear weapon on the city... let's also not let Iran get the bomb... :(