Saturday, April 29, 2006

So, I kinda went overboard a little, and, well... bought a large chunck of the Russian army c. 1812-1814. They arrived today, along with a few odds and ends to round out some of my ancient forces. So... I've got a lot of painting ahead of me, but despite my new arrivals, first on the list are some Thracians, some Tarantine phalanxes, and some of ol' Julius' legionnaires.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Listening to Sean Hannity -- An ok thing to do while at work one afternoon.

Listening to Sean Hannity narrate, step by step, the process that two people must go through before reaching the point where one of them faces the choice of whether or not to have an abortion -- Something that no one anywhere should have to endure.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This story was interesting to me when I saw it. What an adventure this fellow's life must have been, somehow ending up with a family in the Ukraine.

I wonder what sort of nickname he has... I have to imagine that he's the only Japanese person living in his town (but perhaps not). I suppose his children look like they could be Kazakhs or Cossaks, and so blend right in.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm getting excited at the prospect of painting again, after a sabbatical of sorts for several seasons. However, I'm also experience something of a project overload -- there are so many ideas of projects I want to do, I don't know where to start... so in other words, the situation is finally back to normal :P

I thought I'd lay out some of my project concepts here, just to organize my thoughts, and perhaps help me pick one out to start with.

Project 1: Finish the Thracians:
Pro: I've already got all the figures I need. Colorful chaps, and would make an interesting tactical addition to the ancients I've already got.
Con: Lack of uniformity makes then a somewhat challenging paint.
Comment: I really should finish these guys. I've got about 60 light infantry left to paint and then about a dozen cavalry, and I'd be done.

Project 2: Les Knights Fr:
Pro: Holy crap would it be nice to bring a bunch of 6(2)1 +2 protection KN out on the Armati field. I've got most of the figures I need for the complete army, and certainly enough to make at least a couple interesting 75 point groups.
Con: If possible these fellows are worse than the Thracians when it comes to uniforms... with the Thracians, when all else fails you can make up a pattern and no one will know the difference.
Comment: These frogs actually have well documented livery. Do I really want to paint that many roaring lions and fleur de lises? On the other hand... KNIGHTS! (Although out of period, I'd really like to send these guys up against Darius' pajama clad Persians.

Project 3: ACW ACW ACW:
Pro: Would be great to add to our available Fire and Fury force pool.
Con: Unless Carl and I are in the same spot, anything I paint isnt likely to be immediately useful.
Comment: Generally quick painting, I could do a dozen stands of these guys in between any other project. So perhaps that's what I'll do.

Project 4: Marengo 1800:
Pro: I'd really like to get back into Napoleonics.
Con: I don't have any of the minis I'd need.
Comment: Having seen the satisfactory visual effect of our 1/72 scale F&F basing, I'd like to do some 1/72 Napoleonics using the same basing, and be able to use them for any of a number of rules sets (I'm thinking of Napolon's Battles and Napoleonic F&F in particular) In fact, the NB Marengo scenario would be a nice size force to paint to begin with, and both the French and Austrians would be useful up through the 1809 campaign if necessary.

Project 5: Korea 1950:
Pro: Painting these fellows would give a nice new setting for Crossfire.
Con: Gotta build some T-34/85, and find some good conversions to add to the PLA ranks.
Comment: If necessary, US troops could be swapped for WWII vintage and vice versa. The PLA would add a really interesting twist on Crossfire rules (Dare Death grenade squads anyone?). I'd have to buy a bunch of IMEX minis for this project.

Project 6: Colonials:
Pro: Would expand the options for Pafrasia.
Con: Need to grab some more minis. (Maybe that's a pro?)
Comment: There have been a bunch of new sets released or to be released which would allow the ranks of both the natives and the Europeans to expand greatly in number and variety. Also, I got energized to do some more Pafrasian stuff when I visited the Twin Cities in December.

There's a bunch more lesser ideas floating around in my mind too (Early Imperial Romans, Franco Prussian War, WWII Soviets, Renaissance French and Italians, ECW to name a few) Whew... I better stop thinking about all this, or I'll get tired out before I set brush to plastic. :O

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm back on the network!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Content may or may not be spotty over the next few days as I work on getting a new network installed. Sooo... basically things will be the same as normal... spotty... or... not spotty...
Longtime readers will know that we here at Paltry Puissance would never stoop to crude or otherwise blue humor, just to get a laugh. However, longtime reader's also appreciate our commitment to hard hitting historical investigation and analysis, and expect, nay demand, that we continue to hold nothing back in our pursuit of scholarly excellence.

In that spirit, I present you the following link to an archival communication of the British Foreign Office during the Second World War. You may find it here.

It takes a Turk indeed.

(Thanks to Ace for the find.)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Also modified the message board a bit to match the new site design a bit better... also I think it might be a bit easier to read... or perhaps not... leave a note with your opinion.
Today I'm finally beginning the switch over to the new template design. I wanted something a bit more minimalist... it's not complete yet, but this give a decent idea of what the final design will look like.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Does the ability to generate relationships over the internet provide evidence for a spiritual dimension to human interaction, or does it merely prove that we have not yet developed a Turing machine?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's my privledge to bring you the first installment in what may become the new paradigm for product reviews here at Paltry Puissance. While the opinions of our staff ought to be held in near religious reverence by the readership, and while the literary gifts of our authors convey said opinions with such wit and clarity that the mere text of past product reviews have become holy writ in the eyes of certain interweb cargo cults, it was the decision of the editorial staff that in order to have any shot of winning a Pulitzer, what was needed was a greater "diversity of viewpoints" and "input from historically marginalized groups". (Those members of the editorial board who may have referred to the above as "buzzword bullsh*t have been kindly informed that their services are no longer required)

It is with great pleasure then that I present you the the first of our guest dialogue product reviews.

Paltry Puissance: Hello, and welcome to a new music review. Joining me today is a very popular cocktail, known worldwide despite his humble beginnings in America, please welcome a jack and coke.

Jack and Coke: Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here.

PP: Today we'll be discussing the sophmore release from NYC rockers Interpol, Antics. Now, first off, in fairness I have to say that I was not a huge fan of their first album.

J&C: Not a fan eh? Let me tell you something, I was with you every time you listened to their first album, and up until today I was with you everytime you listened to this one too, and you loved their music.

PP: I think you may be overstating it a bit with 'love'.

J&C: Am I? I don't think it was me trying to sing "Next Exit" during a 2am cab ride despite the song not even being on the radio at the time.

PP: Are you trying to imply something about the way I hold my liquor?

J&C: Not at all, assuming by 'hold' you mean 'get knocked stupid by' .

PP: Oh that is it! I'll show you how much I can take.

J&C: Ohhh, I'm really scared. Come on over and drink me, I dare you.

(Sounds of scuffle)

[Editor's note: Sorry, we were forced to cut off the live interview at this point, as it seems both members of the panel took... 'ill'. Suffice to say, what they seemed to be trying to say is that Antics is a good album when you're tipsy, and still a decent listen when you're more upright. Until next time on behalf of both Paltry Puissance and our guest this week Jack and Coke, I wish you a good night. ]
Alright, I was able to get out today and take a nice set of pictures for my new blog experiment. Enough to last me till next weekend at least, so I shall now link you to a weeks worth of potential enjoyment.

It's called Picfastructure and... well, you really should just visit it to see what it's about. Feel free to tell your friends and relatives about it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Meh, tonight was not as great as last weekend unfortunately... and then I find out that the party I was expecting to go down next week isn't going to happen T.T

I feel pulled in several directions these days... on the one hand this is a definite improvement, since frankly while I was not working, I didn't feel any particular draw towards any sort of path, direction or calling. In my feeble attempt to put to words what I'm feeling I would say this: There are immediate desires, some good, some neutral, and probably a few bad that I have to contend with... and I also have to deal with long term desires/goals. While tbe long term goals seem more important, the also seem to represent less tractable problems, and I wonder whether I'm not better off simply pursuing shorter term goals while making some generous, but more general provisions for the future.

........ this entry is probably meaningless to most/all of my readership, and I'm not even sure if writing it did me any good either... however, it's four o'clock, and I've had a few