Monday, July 31, 2006

Biodiesel is definitely the solution to all of our automotive power needs! Not only that, but widespread adoption of this propulsion paradigm will result in a surfeit of business for restauranteurs, who are afterall, the engine of our local economy.

'Biodiesel and over-eating-out have nothing to do with each other,' the skeptic is thinking. Au contraire. I offer the example of my own experience....

While driving to the ballpark this Saturday, I was fortunate to end up behind what I believe to be a Mercedes 300D turbo-diesel. However, this was no ordinary turbo-diesel, for there, affixed to the trunk, were black on white lettered stickers bearing the letters "B", "I" and "O". For the few blocks that I followed this technological marvel, it was as if I was not driving at all, but rather parked in front of DD Dogs. Never before had auto-exhaust made me salivate so.

One other observation, of interest to perhaps no one but myself. I found it strange how many of the vendors at the ballpark I recognized. It seemed as if there had been virtually no staff turnover since last summer. I wonder if the money is indeed that good?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sometimes I really wish that I could draw well. Particularly when I see a drawing like this. It's my new desktop background, primarily because I'm convinced that Kishimoto is going to end up drawing something like it eventually anyway.

Desire aside however, I can't really draw. I recall drawing alot as a kid. Well, perhaps 'drawing' is a bit generous. Doodling might be more like it. My influneces included an old Macintosh computer gameAirborne!, Star Wars (of course), and my day to day experiences (or so I recall). While I don't have any extant copies of my work from this early period, I present you here with an artist's rendering of what one of my masterpieces might have looked like...

Given investors with enough interest, I am certain that archival searches would reveal genuine originals.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My subconcious can be such a tease...

Maybe if I try to spell it out? T-R-.... nope, can't remember any more than that.
Excerpts from Teenage Angst: The Later Years:

I'm tearing up
All the pages
I never wrote to you.

That way
I'll have plenty of room
In my file cabinet
For that Merrill Lynch

Monday, July 24, 2006

Saw the incomparable Mute City on Saturday night. It was their best show this year! (t.t yes, you guessed it -- only show this year [so far]). They opened for the Lucas Cates Band, which, while catchy enough bore slightly too much sonic resemblance to John Mayer for my tastes.

Was supposed to go to l'opera earlier in the evening, but it was unfortunately rained out. However, I am blessed with friends who can evidently whip up gourmet party chow as a matter of course, so we had a rain-delay feast.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just what am I to think when a supervisor at work (not my boss, but the overseer of an adjacent section of the lab) deliberately approaches me and suggests that I ask out a specific female co-worker (who works in a third adjacent section of the lab)?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I suppose that being employed in the natural sciences, it's inevitable that I end up working in locations with a certain "Black Mes-esque" appearence. Long-time readers may recall the underground halways at my last place of employ, while at my current workplace we've got an entrance straight out of 'Questionable Ethics' (well, with a card reader as opposed to a retinal scan, but still...).
I've grown accustomed, even fond of such terrain...

However, acclimation aside, it's most disturbing to realize that all of the feel-good employee-motivational banners posted around one's workplace are emblazoned with the image of Dr. Wallace Breen

PS. Episode 1 -- probably not worth 19.99 on gaseous water. Obviously if you have an insatiable desire for more plot, any price is worthwhile, but as far as length of gameplay there... wait for the 'platinum' compilation that should be released in 2007 and get Episodes 1-3 all at once... (unless you really want TF2:Source really badly)

PPS. I suck at CS.

PPPS. Despite sucking at CS, Empires is a really great mod, despite not even being complete yet. Sort of like CS + SC, or perhaps more accurately BF: + C&C. Fun stuff.

Friday, July 14, 2006

What is going on in Lebanon? Who miscalculated? Hizb'allah? Isreal? Iran? Syria? More importantly, who is in a position to exploit? I hope the US is among those in such a position.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Join The Naruto Online Multiplayer Game

Not quite the game I would design myself, but interesting and playable.
This was a big week for eating out with friends.

Went to lunch at two of Madison's three Korean establishments. The Mystic Grill reminded me alot of the one good Korean restaurant we used to eat at in Nashville (until it closed down, to be replaced by a mediocre faux-upscale Italian joint) -- both the atmosphere and the food were similar.
Coreana on the other hand was something like a cross between the food at JK's and the atmosphere of Joy Yee's if it moved into the space occupied by Dave's Italian Kitchen. I'm glad that they relocated from the now defunct University Square, since I never would have set foot in that place to eat anything... This will definitely be my first recourse from now on when I've got a wicked bibimbap jones. (band name?)

Thankfully both of these restaurants have exteriors that are much more inviting than New Seoul (the third of madison hangook triad)... Now if only I had people to go with more often...

Oh yes, and this evening I drove two thirds of the way to Chicago to see Tea. Unsurprisingly we filled up on meat. Lots of meat. (Now I finally now what the Texas Roadhouse looks like on the inside... it seems to be the place to eat on the west side of Kenosha)