Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barack Obama spoke this evening in a rally at the Kohl Center in downtown Madison. Had I not been working, I probably would have taken the wife down there, but as it was I contented myself with listening to his speech on the radio as I weighed experimental samples.

Obama was one of two Democratic candidates this season who I did not reject out of hand (the other being Richardson), and given the poor policy positions I've seen expressed by the Republican front runners, I've been looking for some reason to vote Obama instead of McCain come November.

Unfortunately, after hearing his speech, I don't think I'm going to find that reason (Unless the 'pubs ticket is McCain / Huck, in which case I think a write in of N. Bonaparte / H. Long might be just the way to go...).

I'm not sure why, but I seem to be inoculated against populist rhetoric. Hearing about how families that work should be able to feed their kids, and people who work their whole lives should be able to retire with dignity, and how students should be able to go to college without tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt... it just makes me think that people are indeed actually able to do all of those things right now (rather than thinking that whichever pol is speaking is going to ensure that those things happen, hence they must not be happening right now). Still, the populist tone, unmoving (and indeed off-putting at points) as it was didn't cost Obama my vote.

What did was when he said something to the effect that (and I'll use quotation marks here loosely) "[we must end the type of thought that got us into this war]" while referencing something other than Islamic Supremacism. I'll take a fellow who finds one battlefield unimportant over one who doesn't even show up on the field...

Pity Barack couldn't have the level-headedness of Lieberman when it comes to foreign policy... if he happens to develop it between now and November my vote will be waiting.